Food Manual Flavored Water Machine For Retail Hand Filling Machine Hot Product 2019

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Food Manual Flavored Water Machine For Retail Hand Filling Machine Hot Product 2019
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Type: Machine de remplissage
Industries applicables: Hôtels, magasins de vêtement, magasins de matériau de construction, usine, ateliers de réparations d
Emplacement de salle d'exposition: Aucun
Condition: Nouveau
Application: Nourriture, boisson, médicale
Type d'empaquetage: BOÎTES, bouteilles, sacs
Matériau d'emballage: Plastique, verre
Catégorie automatique: Manuel
Type conduit: pneumatique
Dimension (l*w*h): 270x270x700 millimètre
Poids: 10 kilogrammes
Garantie: 1 AN
Arguments de vente principaux: Facile à utiliser
Capacité de machines: 4000BPH, 8000BPH, autre, 12000BPH, 6000BPH, 400BPH, 20000BPH, 16000BPH, 500BPH, 2000BPH, 1000BPH, 10
Matière d'agrégation: Bière, autre, lait, l'eau, huile, jus, poudre
Type de commercialisation: Produit chaud 2019
Rapport des essais de machines: Fourni
Sortant-inspection visuelle: Fourni
Garantie des composants de noyau: 1 AN
Composants de noyau: Moteur
Informations de base
Conditions de paiement et expédition
Description de produit
Product Description


Product Application

The manual filling machine is specially designed by our factory for medium or small size enterprises,laboratory,hospital or beauty parlor in daily use chemical section. It is compact,acts agility and easy to use,all the parts which dip in the materiel are made of stainless steel and polytetrafluorethylene.

Best for Nail Polish,shampoo,cream,oil etc products as 3-50 ml filling


filling machine
Filling Range
5-50 ml
Material of machine
Stainless steel 304
Capacity of Hopper
10 kg
Net weight
11 kg
Gross weight
Machine size
270x270x700 mm
Packing size
310×310×740 mm


Main Features

1) The machine is simple and reasonable structure, easy manual operation
2) There filling quantity adjusting device knob, can quantitative discharging, filling volume and filling speed can be controlled manually
3) Material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, suitable for use under acid medium,with food, medicine and production hygiene requirements.
4) The hopper capacity of 10L, users may need to be set on the filling volume.

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Dalian Reyes Machinery Co.Ltd . is a professional manufacture and supplier of centrifuge ,filling machine and many packing machine .
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1. Provide free technical training, guidance and information of accessories.

2. Our technical staff could instruct our customers on the installation of connector and accessories on site, and deal with technical and quality issues.

3. We guarantee more than 10 years' service life of our products with 2 years' warranty and life maintenance.

4. 24-hour hot line: 86-18802499145 . Once receive the customer complaints, we will response within 24 hours.

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